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October 7th - 11st, 2017
31st EACTS Annual Meeting

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Dendrite Clinical Systems

In order to execute the software and technical aspects of the registry, Euromacs has contracted a specialist supplier of clinical databases and analysis software: Dendrite clinical systems.

The choice for Dendrite has been based on the fact that Dendrite provides database services for 90 international registries for 20 years now. Dendrite has contracted over 250 hospitals in more than 40 countries. They can be considered as one of the leading suppliers of clinical software to hospitals and institutions in the world. The experience of Dendrite includes the EACTS Adult Cardiac Surgical Database series of reports.

The agreement with Euromacs regulates that Dendrite provides all quality and safety aspects that one might expect from a professional database company. As Euromacs, like other registries, makes use of web-based applications to upload data, specific attention has been given to secure data protection. Data protection at Dendrite corresponds with the German and other EU legislation.

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