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EUROMACS is a registry of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery.



EUROMACS Committee

The main task of the EUROMACS Committee is to implement and maintain the scientific conceptual design and further development of the register by safeguarding the rights of the patients. Further, the EUROMACS Committee is responsible for formalizing agreements between EUROMACS and clinical centers as well as with research institutions.

Initially, the Committee has been composed by clinicians with the expected highest number of data records that are transmitted to the registry of the association. According to the statute of EUROMACS, future elections and recalls of members of the board of directors shall take place at the general members meeting.

As of June 1, 2019, the EUROMACS Committee consists of the following members:

Prof. Dr. Bart Meyns (Leuven)Executive Chairman
Dr. Med. Felix Schoenrath (Berlin)Deputy Chairman
Dr. Ivan Netuka (Prague)Treasurer
Prof. Dr. Andre Vincentelli (Lille)Member
Prof. Dr. Finn Gustafsson (Copenhagen)Member
Prof. Dr. Pascal Leprince (Paris)Member
Dr. Kadir Caliskan (Rotterdam)Member
Prof. Dr. Francesco Musumeci (Rome)Member
Dr. Steven Tsui (Cambridge)Member
Dr. Daniel Zimpfer (Vienna)Member
Dr. Gregorio Rabago (Pamplona)Member

Prof. Dr. Jan Gummert (Bad Oeynhausen)

Past Chairman
Prof. Dr. Paul Mohacsi (Berne)Past Vice Chairman


The management of the regular business of the EUROMACS organisation is carried out by the Managing Director. The Committee has delegated several executive tasks to the Managing Director.

Theo M.M.H. de By MBA (The Hague) Managing Director

Scientific Advisory Council

The task of the Scientific Advisory Council shall promote and support the interests of the association with their scientific capabilities. In particular, the Scientific Advisory Council shall examine proposals for new research projects which are rejected by the board, as well as to assess the annual report which the board of directors prepares. The Scientific Advisory Council shall inform third party investors, as required by the regulations on grants, about the course of the sponsored projects.

The Scientific Advisory Council consists of:

Dr. Steven Tsui (Cambridge)
Prof. Dr. Paul Mohacsi (Berne)
Dr. Ivan Netuka (Prague)
Dr. Med. Felix Schoenrath (Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Andre Vincentelli (Lille)
Theo M.M.H. de By (The Hague)
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