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EUROMACS is a registry of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery.



Terms & Conditions

The relationships between providers of data to the Euromacs registry, as well as the relationships between the users of data of the Euromacs registry, are regulated with two different agreements. Here below, you’ll find a summary of these agreements.

Agreement with respect to communicating data to the Euromacs registry:
In this agreement the hospital obliges itself to communicate pseudonymized and qualified data of all patients who receive mechanical circulatory support, aimed at a duration of 6 months or longer. The hospital also obliges itself to ensure the rights of the patients by informing them and to obtain consent.

Euromacs agrees to ensure compliance with regulations concerning data processing and protection. Euromacs agrees to communicate all pseudonymized data of the individual hospital to that hospital free of charge, thus enabling the hospital to perform analyses of their patients’ data.

Liability against third parties demands is regulated in the agreement.

Agreement with respect to communicating data to the research centre:
This agreement regulates the conditions under which Euromacs provides data from the registry to those centers whose clinical research projects have been approved. The centre agrees that all data will be utilized and (if) modified suitably in correspondence with the state of medical science. Euromacs declares that it approves publication of knowledge and that the centre will, at a suitable point, indicate that the research results have been gained by an evaluation of data which were provided by the Euromacs registry. Also in this agreement, indemnification of both parties against claims of others has been regulated.

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